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她說她想大衛,join the club!我們大家全都想他!


End of the Archuleta tour!!

Current mood: calm

Boooo hooooo im so sad. The tour is over and i miss everybody so much all ready!!!!

I had the best time with all of David's band and crew and cant wait to hang out with everybody again!!!! David's fans were so sweet to me and i really appreciate all the support every night during my set and also everybody that came to my meet and greets after my show!! Thanks guys!!!

Im also missing my band, Dave,Tyler and Rick and my crew Casey and Kyle, we had so much fun on our bus and defo became a family!!! Thankfully I will be seeing them all soon in Florida for our week of shows in Disney world, yayayaya!!!!!!

In other news i got a new puppy, so i had a little cuddle ball to come home to in N.Y. His register number in the dog centre was 777 so we called him Jackpot, full name Jackpot Vegas but its Jack for short!!! Will put up some pics for you guys tonight!!!!!

My next single off the album is gonna be Slow Goodbye so keep listening to your local stations as its gonna start to go into rotation really soon!!

Thanks so much for everything u guys, love u all so much
and thank you to all of David Archuleta's fans and David of course for having us on his tour!!!!

love les*

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credit: iLoVeDaViD20

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Reno演唱會,我從外面進場的時候後就注意到前面有個女孩特別的瘦弱,需要旁邊兩個女生扶著才能走下樓梯,到了排隊的地方,發現他們就排在我的後面。原來是一對老夫婦,帶著三個孫女,從Las Vegas連夜開車來聽大衛的演唱會,因為最左邊的孫女是個死忠的大衛迷,一心只想握到大衛的手。






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Crush (Blast Off Productions Radio Edit) - David Archuleta

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Del Mar, CA
Sat, Jun 20, 2009 07:30 PM
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The 5th one

So...hey everyone. I don't know what to say other than thank you so much for an incredible tour. SLC was beyond description. The whole band had a great time. And who wouldn't have a great time in front of thousands of AMAZING screaming fans? You were all incredible. Before the show we had our pre show ritual, in which we all got a bit teary for the end of the first tour. Lots of tender moments with all of the band mates many more with the whole tour. The show started off with a bit of a longer intro to get the crowd pumped for the entrance. I couldn't stay in one place. I had to jump around and feel the space of the stage. It was HUGE!!! The weirdest thing on playing that show was having another person on stage with us...the video guy. I had to figure out how to move without running into him. I think he was a bit afraid I would run into him. It was also a bit weird to look up, out of the corner of your eye, and see a giant picture of you the jumbo-tron man! They threw in "Your Eyes Don't Lie" just a bit before the show started and it was fun to see all of your reactions to us adding that song! Zero Gravity was ummm yeah, well received I guess you could say (haha, they freaked out over it). One thing that I don't really talk about is that I really love making eye contact with as many people as I can during the concerts. I loved doing this at this show. So many people to see and smile at. I loved it! My whole family was there and they loved the show too. Everybody was excited to get back to their lives for a little bit. All of the fans created some real memories for everyone involved in the whole tour. You all did an amazing job of showing your support and love for ALL parties involved. From Johnny B up to David himself, we all got the royal treatment and we are all grateful for it! I fully plan on a regimented schedule of standing in front of the mirror practicing my dance moves each day. I also plan on getting back into exercise while home (an activity that is not to easy on a bus). Eli and I are planning on running 4 miles a day each day we are home. Please keep in touch and send me whatever pictures you have. I will post all the ones that I took. I will hopefully get the pictures from David that he took too. I totally love you all a ton.

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Pocatello, St. George and.... THE E CENTER 
Hello Everyone :o)

The last leg of the tour was amazing. Pocatello was so fun... the room we played was so neat! I loved that the balcony wrapped around the whole floor and wasn't just in the back of the theater. I thought that design was pretty cool. The room was also really naturally loud, so I kinda had to play and 1/2 volume. Thankfully the crowd was loud and awesome so as the show progressed I could pick up the volume and intensity in my playing a bit :o) That night I felt really good playing the tunes. It felt like we played a really solid set.

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What?An intellectural answer from me? (版主已經笑到抽筋了)4:00的時候他自己給自己笑到彎腰也是非常經典的。他應該是累壞了,所以有點hyper過度(可以用喋喋不休來形容),到最後開始跟jeannette話起家常來了,真是無厘頭的第一名。



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