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說的一點都沒錯,那天所有的美國大衛粉絲都會湧向itunes去狂買Zero Gravity!


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這個dance group實在是棒到讓人話都說不出來,所以雖然他們和大衛沒甚麼關係,不過非常值得一看,去這裡:



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聽說他和REO Speedwagon合唱“Roll With the Changes”, ohmygosh!影片麻煩一下,一定非常epic!


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AOR有兩種意思,Album Oriented Rock(專輯導向搖滾),或 Adult Oriented Rock(成人搖滾)。前者本來是英美廣播電台用的名詞。 原來FM電台都是以放單曲唱片為主, 到了70年代,搖滾意態型態抬頭,樂團和樂迷講究概念完整的專輯而輕視單曲。電台配合趨勢開始放專輯唱片裡的曲子。他們稱這類音樂為Album Oriented Rock, 而實際上,AOR幾乎包涵了所有搖滾類型, 這個詞只是為了和以出單曲為主的樂手作品味區分而己。 從某些方面來說,這個字可以和「經典搖滾」相通。

後來AOR這個字被誤會為Adult Oriented Rock, 但也沒什麼關係,因為到70年代末和80年代,搖滾日漸商業化,專唱慢板抒情搖滾的團越來越多,而這種輕緩的搖滾樂又很適合於電台播放,所以意思雖然弄錯 了但也相去不遠。 於是AOR又有「抒情搖滾」的意思。




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fansofdavid和snarkyarchies貼出了不少粉絲照片,其中有些鏡頭值得獨立與大家分享。例如第一張z100JJ聞大衛頭髮的鏡頭,多珍貴哪!“I don't smell too bad, do I?"多經典!!簡直可以流傳千古!




























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這個pecan pie醫生真是厲害,用這種方式切入大家馬上眼睛一亮,對皮膚癌就警覺起來了。請大家到fansofdavid去把這篇爆笑的防癌文章讀完:



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他應該是在去聽演唱會的路上在收音機裡聽到的吧,現在我嫉妒住在鹽湖城的粉絲了,像Annyo(她去鹽湖城留學了),她剛剛才在twitter上說她要去個演唱會,搞不好他們又碰面了, jeeeelllluusss!


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credit: forronadrag

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credit: jay230288


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Hey folks! I just wanted to let you know about my week really quick, and I'll really try to not make it so long this time lol. So first of all, I hope everyone had a great weekend and Memorial Day. I had the chance to spend time with my family for the weekend! It was a lot of fun. We actually got to sit down and talk about some of our ancestors, which was really interesting. I also got to go to a concert with my mom and sister Memorial Day. It was the No Doubt concert, and they had Paramore on tour with them. There was also a band called The Sounds that was the 1st opening act. No Doubt were really friendly, and everyone that worked with them on tour kept saying how they're the nicest and coolest people you could work for. It's always good to know that, and I thought it was neat how all their employees spoke so highly of them.

So watching the show, we sat in our seats for Paramore's set.. but moved to the side of the stage for No Doubt's set. It was a really good show though. Paramore was another really cool group of people. I couldn't believe that they're the same age as me! It's always neat to be able to talk to people your age in the industry who go through the same things you do. You can talk about music, but also just normal stuff people your age talk about haha. But a bunch of really cool people in Paramore. Gotta give them props, and Hayley can freakin' sing! My little sister was in heaven at the concert, because she loves Paramore lol. I'm really glad that everyone I've gotten to meet has just been really cool so far. I always hear about all these horror stories and jerks out there, but it seems like all these people that I run into and meet are totally laid back and friendly. Even people that I hear rumors about, so don't always believe rumors you guys. Rumors are nasty things haha.

I got to go to Greensboro, North Carolina to participate in a charity dinner for the radio station 1075 KZL. It was a Hibachi Japanese grill restaurant, and I (unfortunately for those at my table) got to try and cook the food haha. I have learned that I am not that great of a chef haha. I actually like almost caught myself on fire, but it was fun! I got to wear an apron and chef's hat. I appreciate everyone at my table for coming and being good sports about my lack of cooking skills lol. So thanks you guys! I kept burning the food too lol, but hey I like food a little on the cooked side!

After North Carolina, I went to NYC to perform at the PC Richards Theater for Z100 contest winners. It was a small theater, not that many people since you had to win to get in, and I loved it! I felt so comfortable up there and had a blast. Have to thank everyone for coming for that! It's probably one of my favorite shows I've ever done just because it was so laid-back and I got to interact with everyone there. Fun stuuufff. Well I think I'm going to a concert tonight! So I better get going to that, and I'll talk to you all later.

Song for the day: The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script

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My friend and I asked david which way he liked communicating with fans the best: video blogs, written blogs, or twitter. then later he got his phone and twittered from the stage!!


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還有一小段訪談,大衛現在說話真快哪: hollywoodoutbreak


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大家相信嗎? 從昨天的71票(版主開始投的時候)到現在的6000票,只不過經過了24小時,而且這完全是大衛粉絲自動自發在twitter,在粉絲網站上發起的,不像其他選手,例如tommcfly,在twitter上呼籲大家去投他,我們的大衛完全是粉絲總動員的把他從第四頁投到第一頁,投到前十名,可見我們多麼愛他,愛到就算他從來沒想過要贏,我們都要讓他贏!


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