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Hey people!!!
Sorry for not blogging sooner for the Lancaster show, so I'll do a two in one with this one.
The last two shows were great! Tons of fun, tons of energy and above all, AMAZING fans.
It's really great to see some of the same faces, at the shows.
The fans have been amazingly sweet to all of us, sending us gifts, getting coffee, and just plain being great people and hanging out with us. So, Thanks for all the cool cards, pics and gifts!!!
Unfortunately we had to leave almost right after the show last night because of the weather conditions.....our bus driver said is was horrible driving....But thanks to him we just arrived in North Hampton safely.
I'm looking for some cool band shots, so if any of you have any, please send them to me, we're keeping a collection and I would like some cool ones to pimp out my myspace page.
I have to say, Its been a great experience to be able to play Somebody Out There, A Little Too Not Over You and Zero Gravity with David, seeing the songs we wrote come together in a live setting is a great feeling to have.....I feel blessed to be a part of such a great thing!


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  • ruru0525
  • 突然有個疑問@@"
  • 不知,下次應該去問問。

    GengenW 於 2009/03/03 10:26 回覆

  • Hugh
  • 此話一出,我想隔天Mike信箱大概就被相片塞爆了吧!!
    May god bless David,his band and all of those fans!!
  • 是的,東部大雪。

    GengenW 於 2009/03/03 12:59 回覆

  • Norse
  • 我喜歡看樂隊發的文章,因為好簡短,看比較方便lolz
  • 算你厲害,這算是讀者讀後心得嗎?

    GengenW 於 2009/03/03 13:50 回覆

  • elysion
  • mike跟elias的文都簡單扼要,但又很清楚的描述了現場的狀況
  • 就是,看他們的recap更清楚了解演唱會的另一個角度。

    GengenW 於 2009/03/03 22:49 回覆