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Infinity...and beyond!

That was quite some energy tonight. I had a lot of fun...despite the pain :o) The crowd was awesome tonight! I love it when a crowd gets really into it, it's so much fun to trade energy back and forth. Thanks again for another great night. I think my favorite tune tonight was Touch My Hand... It sounded so good! The rest of the set was still awesome too. Thanks again for jumping again during ZG, I would love if the place just went WILD during that tune!!! If you're coming to a later show, start jumping with the band... we want to see if we can get the whole place hopping!!!! I think it would be so cool :o) It's so funny...I totally forget about my hurt finger during some songs because of all the energy I get from you all. I love you guys, and all that you do for us.

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  • ruru0525
  • 這場雪到底要什麼時候才會好轉阿@@"
  • 在大雪裡等是非常辛苦的。

    GengenW 於 2009/03/04 22:52 回覆