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Number 3?

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Aight, it's been long enough. I need to do another blog. I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging as much as the other "cooler" band members! I have been having such an awesome time meeting all of you still. BUT, I still haven't been getting tons of pictures! I need those pics so that I can remember as many of you as possible. There have been so many of you that have just made me laugh so hard when we meet. Our shows have just been getting tighter and tighter all the time and you fans have been spurring us on so well. So, thank you all for that! I got my bass, as many of you have seen. It is amazing. The bass has a whole bunch of crazy upgrades on it, like LED lights on the fretboard and gold hardware. It has been a blast to play, however, the first few shows that I played I had to not dance as much because I was getting used to the bass. A lot of you have been coming up to me and telling me you like the dance moves on stage. So here it is, you all should pick some of my dance moves and show them to me. Show me the ones that I look the dorkiest doing or just give me some ideas of other moves I should bust out. Send me videos of them if you can't show me at a performance. You should come up and get a picture of us dancing too. That would totally be incredible. Also, if you have recommends for the show (as to how we could get better or anything) just let me know. I love hearing the constructive criticism. I loved your questions, by the way. They were all great. Here, let me answer some of them....

Most of the questions I got were about what David is like to hang with. David is just like he is in front of crowds to others. He is amazing that way. Such a nice, innocent kid who has a great sense of humor and is just nice to everyone. He is easy to talk to and gets along with anyone. I have had a great time getting to know him...and I'm sure he has learned how to deal with my silly antics on stage! We have had a lot of laughs with each other about things on tour and off. Yes, David wears shoes on the tour bus. Not all the time though...that would be weird. I have loved playing all of the tunes. I think one of my favorites right now is Waiting for Yesterday. I don't know who David James is either...sorry. We all joke with one another...lot's of practical joking. And lot's of great serious discussions too! The ear buds are for personal monitoring. So, say I want to hear more of David in my ears...I just tell Johnny B that I want more and they turn him up in my ear buds. I plan on playing with him as long as I can. The tour is a blast!

I had a great time hanging with my family in Minnesota. I got to chill with my wife for a bit. Goodbye's are soooooooooo hard. I didn't fully understand that until I had to say goodbye that night. Seriously broken heart...

That's it for now. All of you need to do your homework assigned: send pics, video/practice my dance moves and send to me, and tell me what I can do to make the show better.

Peach Out!

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  • elysion
  • 可以跟每個人都處的很好〈而且會一直碰到好人),也是大衛神奇的地方吧
  • David is magic! 我不是開玩笑的。有個粉絲寫了封email給我,我下次貼給你們看,我看完都流淚了。

    GengenW 於 2009/03/10 22:55 回覆

  • 哇古
  • 這張照片又出現了sold out
  • 我以後貼sold-out就是專門為了你,記住了。

    GengenW 於 2009/03/10 22:58 回覆

  • ruru0525
  • DAVID人這麼好,怎麼可能會難相處呢~
  • 他的鼓手是一定會跟他在一起的。

    GengenW 於 2009/03/10 23:11 回覆