Just came from a live chat on the Golden Archie site with Alex from David’s band. He is really excited about the UK tour. When asked if the band will be with David on AI, he said, hmmm, maybe, when asked if he was learning to be coy from David, he said, hmmm, maybe. lol. He said the 3 things he admires most about David are his humility, his singing, and his unmatched fashion sense. Then changed the third thing to his being just so down to earth. He said David is a shy little guy but a good guy to hang out with, and is SUPER sweet. When asked about the intro to WFM, Reno, he said Mike was having real big guitar problems, so he (Alex) and Kendra started to jam to borrow time. They will be traveling in the UK in a van, not a bus, so will be getting to know each other real well.

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