Hey there everyone,

I haven't done this in quite some time...for that, I am sorry. Please accept my heart felt apology...okay, I took it to far. I have been having a blast with my time here on tour. I have done so much since I last left a blog for you all. I got my bass, which is incredible! Some of you got to see it on the live video chat last night (which was a blast). The bass was kind of crazy to get used to because it is a little different than the Yamaha that I was using before. We played a lot of shows since the last blog too. We went from Oklahoma to now being in Idaho. Lot's of land to travel. Oklahoma was interesting to hang at. Eli and I ran around the town together doing stuff. Kendra and her family hung out with David, Eli, Ray and I to go out for sushi. It was a blast. David was super hyper. The Texas shows were fun...nice and warm down in Texas this time of year. I was walking around the town and one of the locals told me to stay away from the water because I might get bit by a "water monster." I had no idea what that was. He told me it was a snake. So funny! Albuquerque had good Thai food, that we went out for. I had a day off there, where I sat in my room and practiced my bass and wrote a new composition for fun. It is a cool piece that I am pretty excited about...dorky, I know. I stayed on the thirteenth floor of a big hotel on Friday the thirteenth, which was crazy...they don't believe in bad luck there. The show at the Marquee was insane! The crowd was going nuts. I had a blast hanging with some family friends there and walking around the town with the band. Eli and I played tennis and walked up the town's (self-proclaimed) famous "A mountain." I also got to chat with Jeff Hornacek (former Utah Jazz basketball player). I got an autograph for my bro back in Utah. He was super nice. I got to joke around with him a bit. I got to skate in Arizona too. Soooooooo much fun!!!! I felt really good at the show because I was all exercised up. The Pomona show was awesome. What can I say? There is a reason that people are so attracted to California. It is beautiful, the weather is lovely and so are the people! The Reno show was cool. The venue was really awesome. There was an airplane on the stage...that's right, a 747. My family came out for that show too! I loved hanging with them. My mom and dad were there with my namesake "Uncle Alex" and Aunt Nancy and cousin Rebecca. Soooo good to see you. Next was the Idaho Falls show. I felt like my dancing was somewhat on at this show...good stuff. The fans were crazy at this show too. My lovely wife was there too, with my boy! She hung out with my through Boise too. LOVED IT!!!!! The Boise show was a blast but was the last show with Leslie. SOOOO sad. I miss those guys so much already. She came out on stage and gave David a big ol bear hug. She's the best...all of the band members were so awesome to hang with.

All of the fans from the places we played have been so incredibly welcoming and nice! I have loved getting to know some of you. No one completed their "dance portion" of the homework from last time. However, you all get A's for the pictures and recommendations for the show! I loved hearing from all of you. Keep giving me all the pics you can and get someone out there to bust out a little dance routine for me. Give me some recommendations for the dancing...come on, I am obviously just a dork up there moving to the music (we couldn't really call it dancing, I don't think).

The video chat was an amazing time to get to talk to all of you. I would love to do it again if I could. A silly thing happened...lot's of you think that I played a studio version of Zero Gravity. I actually played one of the recordings that someone else sent me of one of the concerts. It was really cool to have such a good recording of it. I love you all...and as many of you have seen on the web, "I love your mom too." Peace out from me and the band.


Yours truly,



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