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以下就是這個周末要幫大衛的樂團成員!由左至右是好久不見的Dave、Mike、和新鼓手Jaydon Bean!!!


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Coming from a very musical family, Jaydon Bean started singing and dancing with his sisters at a very young age. His love of music led to learning to play drums. Having developed his drumming skills for the past 10 years, Jaydon has become seasoned in all styles of music, including latin, rock, funk, jazz, fusion and many more, and is a sought-after freelance musician all around Utah. He has performed with musicians who came into the Salt Lake area such as Rick Dellaratta from the Jazz for Peace Foundation and saxophone player Eric Darius. As a previous member of the Crescent Super Band, led by Caleb Chapman, Jaydon toured in New York City. He has performed and worked with various artists, including Wayne Bergerone, Rashawn Ross, Randy Brecker, Bobby Shew, Eric Marienthal, Ron Blake, WyCliff Gordon, Benny Green, Eric Miyashiro, Gordon Goodwin, John Beasley, Rodney Jones, Corey Christiansen, Brian Bromberg, Steve Smith, Gregg Bissonette, Terreon Gully, Chris Slade, Chris Buono, Robby Ameen, Alex Acuna.

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大衛之前的貝斯手Alex Rowe最近想要開設一個專門教小朋友搖滾樂的課程,但因為沒有足夠的金錢,便決定拍賣之前跟大衛巡演時的bass,想把所得都拿來購買電腦設備及樂器。有興趣的人也去參加競標吧!也請大家多多支持他的這個夢想喔!




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吉他手Steve Fekete其實以前就幫大衛的AOL跟Jingle Tour伴奏過,更早的時候還是Avril Lavigne表演時的主吉他手呢!




鼓手Drew Steen之前是Demi巡演時的鼓手,曾經跟別人組過The Elected這個團體,也有在雷鬼大師Lee Perry的新專輯Repentance裡伴奏。





credit:Modern Drummer

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credit: celiaschimy@flickr










#用五個字形容大衛:sweet, talented, appreciative, understanding and genuine。





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FOD- Broadcast your self LIVE

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許多想要接觸大衛的粉絲應該都領略過這張Mean Ray的臉







credit:Fans of David Archuleta

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Hey All,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you all how much I love you. You are an incredible bunch of people and I really enjoyed getting to know some of you both on and off the road. I have so many amazing memories of the first few tours and a lot of them are credited to you.

Playing with David has been an unbelievable experience. I’ve learned so many things along the way too…. One important thing I learned is that sometimes chasing your dream pays off. With faith, persistence, and a good heart, many things become possible. For me, I got to live my dream for a little… even better- I got to share it with all of you. God gave me a huge blessing.

Unfortunately, I wont be going on the summer tour with David. I will miss seeing you all and chatting it up, but remember I’m only one stop away in cyber space. For now you can find me in the virtual land called MySpace. I hope you all keep in touch with me, as I will also keep in touch with you. Thank you for all of the support you showed me these past 5 months, and thank you for accepting me as your friend. You are amazing.

Till we meet again

Much love,


credit:Eli's my space

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Eli和Alex離開以後,接替他們的是貝斯手Dave Bilice和鼓手Jerry Roe,趕在夏季演唱會開始前,趕快認識他們吧!〈本文照片引自Dave和Jerry的Myspace)



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跟著大衛跑過數十場演唱會、跟著大衛跳上跳下、總能炒起現場氣氛的大衛樂團Bass手Alex Rowe和鼓手Eli Logothetis要暫時和大家告別了!因為他們離開家人太久,很想家。Alex和Eli在巡迴演唱會中,總是會抽空寫blog,告訴大衛粉絲們現場是什麼情形,最重要的是,他們也是大衛的頭號粉絲!感謝這兩位貼心又熱情的團員,請大家去他們的MySpace留言道別和祝福他們‧希望他們能儘快歸隊。





credit:fans of david


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Hey Ya'll,

How the heck are ya??!?!?!? I'm doing well over here in sunny London... No wait... I mean cloudy London. Haha. I hope some of you have been enjoying the few videos that were posted online! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you all what a BLAST I'm having and how much I miss you :o( Touring with MCFLY has been so freaking cool. Those guys are so cool! Has anyone checked them out? Their songs are awesome and they're all really sweet guys. They've been so cool with all of us and I've really grown to like them... as human beings.

The tour has been amazing. Sometimes I have to pinch myself... I mean really... Who gets to do what I do?! Crazy. For instance, I played the Hammersmith Apollo with David. DO YOU KNOW WHO ELSE HAS PLAYED THERE? There's this sorta popular band called The Beatles, they played there (you may have heard of em) and then this other sorta popular band called Led Zeppelin (also may have heard of em). Wow, I guess this is my life... for now anyway. Oh, and we also played a pretty neat theater in Croydon where this other group called The Rolling Stones played once upon a time. I don't blame you if you've never heard of them, they aren't THAT popular... JK haha

Today was our last day off in London. I didn't really do too much... just sorta hung around and did some laundry- needed some clean socks and undies. I went out and roamed around the streets too for a bit and did some tourist shopping. Tomorrow we leave for Manchester and I'm stoked to go check out that city. I've heard really good things about it and am totally psyched to be there! However, the journey up there is 4 hours and our tini van is ever so... um... not comfy.

Remember, don't hold your breath while reading this for more than 10 seconds at a time

Love you all


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Hey guys!!!
Current mood: adventurous
Hey everyone!
So, I've been super slacking with the blogs...SORRY.......I'm not much of a blogger.

so, we are in LA today and playing American Idol's very exciting.
The weather is perfect....
Kind of a nice start to our UK tour, that we leave for tomorrow.
Didn't have much of a break in between tours, as I went right back to work on some records, but it was great to be home to play with my family for a's really tough,being away from them.
The whole band is very much looking forward to Rawking out with McFly in the UK, then with David Cooke in Manila.
David and I were able to start writing stuff for the new record this week, and I have to's nice to get back at that again.

See you on the tour!!!

Mike K

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#他們只會唱5到7首歌,一定會唱的歌有Touch My Hand, Crush, ALTNOY,其他Alex就不清楚了。



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Just came from a live chat on the Golden Archie site with Alex from David’s band. He is really excited about the UK tour. When asked if the band will be with David on AI, he said, hmmm, maybe, when asked if he was learning to be coy from David, he said, hmmm, maybe. lol. He said the 3 things he admires most about David are his humility, his singing, and his unmatched fashion sense. Then changed the third thing to his being just so down to earth. He said David is a shy little guy but a good guy to hang out with, and is SUPER sweet. When asked about the intro to WFM, Reno, he said Mike was having real big guitar problems, so he (Alex) and Kendra started to jam to borrow time. They will be traveling in the UK in a van, not a bus, so will be getting to know each other real well.

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On a Plane... INTERNET?

So... this one is short...

...but I'm really excited...

I'm on an airplane right now, and I'm on the internet. So freakin' cool. haha

I will be posting a blog by Monday letting you all know what's been going on with me. Hope you're all well, and I cant wait to catch up!

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The 5th one

So...hey everyone. I don't know what to say other than thank you so much for an incredible tour. SLC was beyond description. The whole band had a great time. And who wouldn't have a great time in front of thousands of AMAZING screaming fans? You were all incredible. Before the show we had our pre show ritual, in which we all got a bit teary for the end of the first tour. Lots of tender moments with all of the band mates many more with the whole tour. The show started off with a bit of a longer intro to get the crowd pumped for the entrance. I couldn't stay in one place. I had to jump around and feel the space of the stage. It was HUGE!!! The weirdest thing on playing that show was having another person on stage with us...the video guy. I had to figure out how to move without running into him. I think he was a bit afraid I would run into him. It was also a bit weird to look up, out of the corner of your eye, and see a giant picture of you the jumbo-tron man! They threw in "Your Eyes Don't Lie" just a bit before the show started and it was fun to see all of your reactions to us adding that song! Zero Gravity was ummm yeah, well received I guess you could say (haha, they freaked out over it). One thing that I don't really talk about is that I really love making eye contact with as many people as I can during the concerts. I loved doing this at this show. So many people to see and smile at. I loved it! My whole family was there and they loved the show too. Everybody was excited to get back to their lives for a little bit. All of the fans created some real memories for everyone involved in the whole tour. You all did an amazing job of showing your support and love for ALL parties involved. From Johnny B up to David himself, we all got the royal treatment and we are all grateful for it! I fully plan on a regimented schedule of standing in front of the mirror practicing my dance moves each day. I also plan on getting back into exercise while home (an activity that is not to easy on a bus). Eli and I are planning on running 4 miles a day each day we are home. Please keep in touch and send me whatever pictures you have. I will post all the ones that I took. I will hopefully get the pictures from David that he took too. I totally love you all a ton.

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Pocatello, St. George and.... THE E CENTER 
Hello Everyone :o)

The last leg of the tour was amazing. Pocatello was so fun... the room we played was so neat! I loved that the balcony wrapped around the whole floor and wasn't just in the back of the theater. I thought that design was pretty cool. The room was also really naturally loud, so I kinda had to play and 1/2 volume. Thankfully the crowd was loud and awesome so as the show progressed I could pick up the volume and intensity in my playing a bit :o) That night I felt really good playing the tunes. It felt like we played a really solid set.

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Knitting Factory

The Knitting Factory was special, at least for me. I was really in the moment and was grooving really well. The whole night I felt so comfortable. I felt like the band was really in the pocket again... It was fun, and the band sounded tight!

The energy of the crowd was awesome too. It was so loud, and I loved it :o) It's so fun to feed off of your energy when we're playing a show... and the crazier you all are, the crazier we get on stage!

Honestly, you are all amazing fans (friends). I hesitate to call you fans because after getting to know so many of you, I really feel that you are my friends. You are so chill and down to earth. I don't know what I did to deserve your love, but thank you. I want you to know that it means the world to me and I don't EVER take it for granted.

Till next time....


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Hey there everyone,

I haven't done this in quite some time...for that, I am sorry. Please accept my heart felt apology...okay, I took it to far. I have been having a blast with my time here on tour. I have done so much since I last left a blog for you all. I got my bass, which is incredible! Some of you got to see it on the live video chat last night (which was a blast). The bass was kind of crazy to get used to because it is a little different than the Yamaha that I was using before. We played a lot of shows since the last blog too. We went from Oklahoma to now being in Idaho. Lot's of land to travel. Oklahoma was interesting to hang at. Eli and I ran around the town together doing stuff. Kendra and her family hung out with David, Eli, Ray and I to go out for sushi. It was a blast. David was super hyper. The Texas shows were fun...nice and warm down in Texas this time of year. I was walking around the town and one of the locals told me to stay away from the water because I might get bit by a "water monster." I had no idea what that was. He told me it was a snake. So funny! Albuquerque had good Thai food, that we went out for. I had a day off there, where I sat in my room and practiced my bass and wrote a new composition for fun. It is a cool piece that I am pretty excited about...dorky, I know. I stayed on the thirteenth floor of a big hotel on Friday the thirteenth, which was crazy...they don't believe in bad luck there. The show at the Marquee was insane! The crowd was going nuts. I had a blast hanging with some family friends there and walking around the town with the band. Eli and I played tennis and walked up the town's (self-proclaimed) famous "A mountain." I also got to chat with Jeff Hornacek (former Utah Jazz basketball player). I got an autograph for my bro back in Utah. He was super nice. I got to joke around with him a bit. I got to skate in Arizona too. Soooooooo much fun!!!! I felt really good at the show because I was all exercised up. The Pomona show was awesome. What can I say? There is a reason that people are so attracted to California. It is beautiful, the weather is lovely and so are the people! The Reno show was cool. The venue was really awesome. There was an airplane on the stage...that's right, a 747. My family came out for that show too! I loved hanging with them. My mom and dad were there with my namesake "Uncle Alex" and Aunt Nancy and cousin Rebecca. Soooo good to see you. Next was the Idaho Falls show. I felt like my dancing was somewhat on at this show...good stuff. The fans were crazy at this show too. My lovely wife was there too, with my boy! She hung out with my through Boise too. LOVED IT!!!!! The Boise show was a blast but was the last show with Leslie. SOOOO sad. I miss those guys so much already. She came out on stage and gave David a big ol bear hug. She's the best...all of the band members were so awesome to hang with.

All of the fans from the places we played have been so incredibly welcoming and nice! I have loved getting to know some of you. No one completed their "dance portion" of the homework from last time. However, you all get A's for the pictures and recommendations for the show! I loved hearing from all of you. Keep giving me all the pics you can and get someone out there to bust out a little dance routine for me. Give me some recommendations for the dancing...come on, I am obviously just a dork up there moving to the music (we couldn't really call it dancing, I don't think).

The video chat was an amazing time to get to talk to all of you. I would love to do it again if I could. A silly thing happened...lot's of you think that I played a studio version of Zero Gravity. I actually played one of the recordings that someone else sent me of one of the concerts. It was really cool to have such a good recording of it. I love you all...and as many of you have seen on the web, "I love your mom too." Peace out from me and the band.


Yours truly,



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