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*大衛是Bruno Mars的粉絲!喜歡他的新歌Just the Way You Are。


Helloo to everyone from Nashville. It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, so I thought it’d be a good week to write one.

I’ve had a really great past couple of weeks! I’ve been on the first leg of a radio promo tour, and it’s been great visiting all the different radio stations and getting to perform again! I started in Greenville, South Carolina for B93.7’s Zoo-A-Palooza to help raise money for the local Greenville Zoo there. I then went to Louisville, Kentucky where I got to do a show for WDJX with other performers like We The Kings, Hot Chelle Rae, Iyaz, and Kris Allen as the host. It was really fun hanging with everyone there. We then made stops at 106.3 in Lexington, Q102 in Cincinnati, WNCI in Columbus, and Q102 in Philly. It’s fun getting to go to all of the different radio stations! We also went to PRO FM in Rhode Island, which is always great going over to see them! After that we went to Sixflags New England for a show with KC 101 where Auburn, Boys Like Girls, Flo Rida, and Bruno Mars performed at too. I must admit that I’m a pretty big fan of Bruno Mars’s stuff. He has an awesome voice. I’m sure you guys know his new song Just the Way You Are, but if you haven’t then you should really check it out.

After all the radio promo, it was time to go to New York for Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day where Shontelle, Allstar Weekend, Demi Lovato, and Jonas Brothers also performed. It was really fun. It was cool meeting Allstar Weekend and hanging with them, and then seeing Shontelle and Demi again. I didn’t really get to say much to the Jonas Brothers, but I did catch a bit of their soundcheck. It was cool getting to sing “Something ‘Bout Love” for the first time live.. period.. lol, then also first time live on TV both acoustically on Good Day NY and then with the energy of the band on AAKD. Hope you guys have been enjoying the performances! It’s also been fun getting to introduce another new song from the album called “Elevator” that I first sang in Greenville. It’s one of my favorite songs on the album and I feel is a good representation of what else you’ll be getting from the album . More of the David vibe haha.

So… we’ve been getting things wrapped up with the album The Other Side of Down!! It’s been pretty crazy trying to get everything finalized but we’re pretty much finished and have done all we can under the amount of time that there was to work with haha. I’m really excited! We’re a little over a month away from it coming out October 5th, and I’m already starting to feel the anxious and the jitters. I really hope all the work this last year pays off though for all of you! Anyway I am going to end for today, and talk to you guys later!

Songs for the day: Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Misty – Ella Fitzgerald

This song has really been growing on me lately for some reason. Ella is incredible.

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# 提到簽書會,非常高興能夠暫時離開錄音室見見粉絲

# 希望大家可以參加他下禮拜在Rexburg的簽書會和小型演唱會(說不定有驚喜喔!)

# 在機場巧遇Cook,很可惜剛好要去Washington所以不能參加他的演唱會

# 從Children's Miracle Network的小朋友身上學到了很多,不管如何,永遠都要抱持樂觀的態度!

# 在白宮時也遇到Miss America,大衛和她都有表演給小朋友們,後來還見到總統Obama

# 非常讚賞Children's Miracle Network這次幫那些小朋友辦的活動,也感謝其他幫助捐款的人和單位


Hey all! Just thought I'd give an update with what's been going on lately.

Since the book is now out, I've been doing book signings! The ones in New York and New Jersey were awesome! I also got to do one in Minnesota at the Mall of America and ride some of the indoor rides they have in the mall. Pretty fun stuff! I then got to go back home for a couple of Utah book signings. The first one was in Salt Lake City, and the second one was in Orem. They were both great! It was fun being surprised by people I knew coming by and seeing them in line haha. It's been so neat getting to see everyone after such a long time being under a rock recording and writing. Thanks so much to all of you who have been coming out to the signings!

The next book signing that I have coming up will be in Rexburg, Idaho June 17th. It's this coming Thursday and it will be at Noon at Deseret Book. So if you're in the Idaho area you should come on by and say hi! I'll also be having a show in Rexburg June 19th which is a week from today. The next little bit will be focusing on that as it's been a while since I've done a show lol. Who knows... there might be some fun things for you guys to listen to ;). But it should be a fun time! I can't wait to do a show again!

This week I also got to go to Washington D.C. for Children's Miracle Network's Champions Across American program. I left straight after my Orem book signing, and at the airport headed to the security line I ran into David Cook. It was quite the coincidence as we were joking that we'd run into each other at the airport, since he was coming in to do a show in SLC and had texted me asking if I'd be there that night. I told him I was leaving that night so we didn't think we'd see each other. But lo and behold, there he was with his peeps. lol. It was great seeing all of them.

The Champions Across American program is a program that honors kids who've overcome some pretty amazing trials and challenges. They bring a child from each state that has gone through these medical difficulties to Washington D.C., and what AMAZING kids they are! If you want to know a little more about what this program's about here's a link:

I got to do interviews with a lot of the Champions, and it was really neat getting to hear their stories and how they are able to keep such positive attitudes, and how strong and high of spirits they have. It really was incredible and humbling to hear what they have to deal with, and how they still stay tough and are such fighters. They really taught me how no matter how low or far you may seem to plummet in tough situations, life is still SO valuable, and is a blessing that we are all able to have! It made me realize how much I took so many things for granted and that I needed to start looking at things differently.

After the interviews, we were all able to go to the White House and take a tour of it. It was great getting to see all of the kids and mingle with them and their families, and the White House is a pretty cool place to do that. Miss America, Caressa Cameron, was also there, and she was a really sweet gal. She was really great with all the kids, and we both sang songs for the kids as we were waiting to get the group pictures taken. It was so much fun! haha. We also had the chance to meet President Obama which was totally awesome. He was also great with the kids.

When we were finished at the White House, we all went to a Nationals vs. Pirates baseball game that evening. I sang the National Anthem, and one of the Champion kids got to throw the first pitch. It was all just a blast! I didn't want to leave! lol. It was a real privilege getting to hang out with that many incredible kids all at once in a single day. You've got to look at some of pictures and stories on the website above. It really is a difference meeting them in person because you just feel their tough spirits and positive energy, and see that they're still just kids. It'd still think it'd be great for you guys to see how despite what these kids have gone through and still go through, they are making a difference and show that you can keep an optimistic view of life and have an impact on so many others.

Children's Miracle Network really is an amazing foundation. It's raised over $4 BILLION dollars for kids and hospitals, and has changed MILLIONS of these kids' lives, along with their families. Thank you so much to everyone there for all that you have done for these kids, and also to Wal-Mart and Sam's Club for the support they show. You can really make a difference just by donating one dollar, because that's what so many of the donations are. Just ONE dollar. Thanks to everyone who has also supported hospitals and people who really struggle with things. It was a real honor getting to hang out with such special and amazing kids.

Well I guess I've talked enough, so I'll be heading out. I am back in Utah today! It's a great day to be back. The weather has been a little dark and it's been raining, but I've actually kind of enjoyed it. The rain has made things really green here. There have been problems with flooding here which has been pretty crazy, but hopefully things will be all right. I'll talk to you guys later!

Song for the day: Earth - Imogen Heap
Another amazing song by the amazing Imogen :)

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# 這禮拜跟幾個特地從Utah來的朋友到港口玩、看街頭藝人表演、吃薑絲炒飯

# 太久沒有騎腳踏車,所以很懷念那種感覺

# 持續寫歌、錄歌當中,非常感謝大家這段時間依然很支持他

# 提到將要參加Apple Idol,Brooke去年也有受邀在那個活動表演

# 覺得AI9的兩位參賽者都很棒,大衛妹妹特別喜歡Lee,大衛自己也覺得現在的Lee比起他回去表演時成長許多

# 大衛這禮拜會回去現場看決賽!不過想到要穿什麼、走紅地毯時要被媒體拍來拍去就有點頭痛!


Hey everyone! I thought I'd leave a note to let you guys know about what's been up with me lately. This last weekend was a really great one! I got to spend time with some friends, which included some who drove down from Utah, and we all went to the Santa Monica Pier and rode the ferris wheel haha. We also walked around 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica and had a great time walking around and seeing the street performers. It's really neat watching a bunch of those street performers. There are some really talented people who are down there performing that you'll have to check out if you ever go there. We also ate at a restaurant called Buddha's Belly and had some great ginger fried rice. Good stuff. I had a really fun time hanging with my friends. They rode the segways too but I'm too afraid to ride those lol. I really want to ride a bike sometime! I haven't had a bike for sooo long, and I'm reaching a point where I'm tired of not riding one. I think I'm going to put that on my list of things to do. Yesterday I was finishing up vocals on some more songs. I know that Eman has been bubble tweeting and teasing you guys on twitter by playing the ends of some of the songs I've worked on with him lol. He's funny. But I can't wait until you guys get to hear the WHOLE songs! I've really appreciated how you guys have been supportive even during the quiet times, it really makes me feel better :). I'll really try to wrap things up though! We're just trying to plow through things and still get them sounding good. Today I'll be heading out to Cupertino to the Apple headquarters! It should be fun to go there. I'll be participating in what they have called Apple Idol for the workers there and it'll be fun to see everything. I know Brooke White went last year and had a really great time. What have you guys thought of American Idol this season? You excited about the final 2? I think Crystal and Lee are both really talented people. I'm still impressed with how nice of a guy Lee was when I went back to perform earlier this season. He's a really cool guy. My sister is in love with him. It's weird because I've never seen her obsess over an idol contestant the way she has with him. She certainly didn't act this way when I was on haha, which is totally ok. I not only got to talk to him but also Crystal and they were both nice to talk to. I'm really excited about going to the finale next week! It's always so exciting to go back and see everyone there and catch up. It's so chaotic with it being finale week though! And it's always a pain trying to find clothes to wear because there's the red carpet and all the pictures lol. But I'll figure something out! Well I better get going, but let me know how you've felt about this season of American Idol and what performances really stood out to you. Let me know who you're rooting for too! I'll update again later.Song for the day - I'm Gonna Get You - Bizarre Inc.This song brings back memories when I was a teeny tiny kid. It was one of my favorite songs back when I still lived in Miami. Good times :)

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# 持續跟許多音樂人合作寫歌

# 跟媽媽那邊的親戚慶祝表兄弟姊妹的生日

# 談到Brit Week的活動,之所以會去表演是因為受到AI製作人的邀請

# LA目前正在宣傳「防震災準備月」,大衛順便提醒大家多多呼籲這個活動,平常應該對地震做好事前準備,以防萬一


Hey everyone

I am checking in from LA today, and I've had some good writing sessions this week already. I worked with Guy Chambers, who wrote Angels with Robbie Williams, and Erika Nuri from The Writing Camp. I also had writing sessions last week with Sam Hollander and Sluggo, who my friend Travis from We The Kings actually told me about because he has worked a lot with them. I also worked with a bunch of other really great writers, who you've probably seen me talk about on Twitter. But I actually have another writing session today with the Nexus lol. And I'll let you guys know how that goes too!

So I was able to go home for a couple of days, and I got to spend time with my family!! Sunday was my cousin's birthday, and I had all of my mom's sisters and some of my cousins over visiting from out of town. It was so great getting to have them all there and hanging out with them! A lot of them have birthdays near each other so we just celebrated all of them at once. But family is such a great thing to have, and to have them supporting you and just being there to lift each other up makes a big difference. Having family or friends who are basically family there to do that for you is a huge blessing.

Last night I performed at the BritWeek Gala Event honoring Sir Richard Branson, and was supporting the foundations Save the Children and Virgin Unite. It was a really great night! I was asked to sing Imagine, and then I also sang Prayer of the Children. Nigel Lythgoe had asked me to come sing at the event. It's funny because I actually ran into him at the Atlanta airport not too long ago, and after I saw him there is when he asked me to come sing. Since he was one of the executive producers on American Idol while I was there, I owe a lot to him for giving me the opportunities I've been able to have from the show. He's a good guy haha. But man, Morgan Freeman was there and I wish I had gotten the chance to meet him! I went to use the restroom and kept getting stopped and talking to people, never really getting time to go over and talk to him. But I think he's just one of the coolest guys.

In LA there are a lot of signs around saying "April is Earthquake Preparedness Month." I think it's really important to remind people about how we need to think about what we would do in an emergency like an earthquake, or any other kind of situation like that. I think it'd be great if you have a family to go through what everyone would do in an emergency, and come up with a plan on how to deal with things. Things like food storage and emergency kits can be so useful in an emergency. I probably sound weird right now lol, but I think with everything happening it's important to get people thinking about it and being prepared for possible events to happen. Keeping a water supply, non-perishable foods, flashlights, things like that. Just to keep in mind I guess. There are websites you can find out more info on. Here are a couple:

I don't want to sound like I'm paranoid or anything lol, but you never know what could happen. I'm going to try and get back home for the weekend and just go through things with my family and make a plan too. I remember in school they were talking about how Utah is due for a pretty big earthquake too, and with everything going on right now you never know what could happen.

Well sorry for going off on that, but I'm going to get back into this writing session I'll tweet later and try to get another blog up next week. Adios!

Song for the day: I Am Not A Robot - Marina and the Diamonds

This is probably my favorite song right now lol. Just really quirky



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#跟AI9的參賽者相處不錯,也看到很多以前比賽時的工作人員,甚至也跟Jason Derulo和Rihanna見面


#和朋友一起去看Five for Fighting的演唱會,而最近合作寫歌的歌手Matt Wertz是當天的開場



Helloooo everyone. I wanted to check in really quick and let you know about my time yesterday back at the American Idol studios. I had such a great time!!

I have to admit being on that stage again shook me and my nerves up pretty good. I wasn't sure what was going on with my mind. Just seeing the audience, the contestants, and then the judges was so weird lol. But I saw Ellen smiling right before I started and it made me feel better haha. But I haven't really performed Imagine very much in the last couple of years since I had sung it twice on Idol, and now it's 3 times. But it was such a privilege to get to sing it again, because I think it's a song with a message that's important for people to hear again right now. It also reminded me of how much that song meant to me, and to again show people what I love about what music can do for others.

So while I was at the studios, I got to meet all of the contestants. I was on my way to get something from my hotel room, and saw them all standing outside waiting for rehearsal. I got out of the car and ran out to say hi to all of them really quick. A group of cool people! And they sure did really well this week. I'm really glad that the judges decided to use the save this week with big Mike because that was pretty intense lol. Anyway, I also got to see all of the crew again! my old studio teacher who now is Katie and Aaron's teacher was there, along with all the stage managers, producers, security, cleaners, technicians, and so many more people. I forgot how many people were involved to make the show happen, and I was glad to see them all.

My mom decided the day before to drive down with my grandpa and sister to come see the show since my mom's dad has never attended an Idol show. It was fun having them there, along with some of my friends. It was a fun night to perform and have them there since Jason Derulo and Rihanna were there. Jason and I both performed at Jordin Sparks' charity event back in February, and he is seriously one of the coolest, friendliest artists out there. A really nice guy, and my little sister
loves him lol. I also had the chance to meet Rihanna who was also really nice (and tall, but she had really high heels on. She's still taller than me either way.) But it was just a fun day yesterday! I
hope those of you who watched it enjoyed it! I love getting to sing a song like that, and hope to find more songs like that in the future to perform for you guys .

Another thing I got to do this week was go to the Five For Fighting concert with Matt Wertz opening for them! It was such a goooood concert!! Matt invited me to go and it is one of my favorite concerts
I've attended! The music was just so good, and it just moves you. Some of my friends came with me and were introduced to some great music. You guys ought to check both of them out if you haven't yet! One of the dances at my high school actually had a Matt Wertz song as the theme haha. That's how I first found out about his music, and now I've gotten the chance to write with him and hang out with him. And as you may know from going to the Christmas tour, I performed a Five for Fighting song called The Riddle during those concerts. When I was watching that show, it made me really think, "Man, I hope to be able to do that with my own music and writing some day." John Ondrasik (from
Five for Fighting) really does that with the songs that he writes. He tells amazing stories in them that just really hit you and make you think and feel. But really it was a great great show!

Well that's all I had to say for now! I wanted to let you guys know I had a great time at Idol, and now after a meeting and some interviews today I'm off to a writing session. Tomorrow I'll be singing at the
half time game for the Utah Blaze, which will be fun to support a Utah team haha. One of my really good friends is such a Blaze fan, and I'm doing it in honor of him. It'll be great to be with my family tomorrow too since it's my mom's birthday. But I better get going to this writing session, and I'll talk to you guys later!


songs for the day: Sweetness in Starlight - Matt Wertz
this was the song that was the theme for one of the dances at my high
school haha. I love it.

Chances - Five for Fighting


credit:David Archuleta official site

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Hey there all! Hope the new year has been going well so far still. If it hasn't been quite what you've expected so far, remember it's still the beginning haha. I'm sure there are many different ways you can improve your start to the year. I've really enjoyed it so far!

So I've been in Central America for the week! It's been so great! I was in Guatemala for my first time during the beginning of the week, and I just landed in Honduras today which is where my mom is from! So I am amongst the people that make up the other half of my blood. After landing, we went straight to visit some of my mom's family and got to spend time with them. It was great! And we've been having baleadas to eat! Which is a native dish here that is sort of like a burrito haha. I don't remember if I mentioned this before but my mom is actually down here with me, and it's been awesome having her here.

If you were wondering why I'm down here, it is because I was invited to come down and see what an organization called Enterprise Mentors was all about. It's an organization that helps families who struggle with poverty become self-reliant and make a living. We've been meeting with several of the families and seeing how it's affected them. It's really neat and touching to see how different other people's lives can be from ours. We take so much for granted way too often in our lives, and it's amazing the way people live. It amazed me to see how happy they are when they see improvement in their work, and these people are hard workers! If you want to learn more about what I've been learning about you can go to It's a neat cause that gives people that push and encouragement they need to start their own businesses, and become successful after coming from so little.

Aside from meeting with families and having other meetings, while in Guatemala we were able to go to Antigua which is a beautiful historical city. It was a lot of fun walking around and feeling like we went back into time. We also have been enjoying the food here, and being around the people. I wish we had more time to spend down here! But I've been loving it! My mom doesn't want to leave, and I don't either lol. But I guess that's all the more reason to come back! We still have quite a bit we're doing down here this week, and meeting with more people. And the little kids are so cute! haha. Sometimes we hand out lollipops and they come swarming around you.

Well we're headed out again, but I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you guys know what I've been up to! I'm really sorry that I haven't updated you guys with a blog lately, but it's been a little difficult coming across internet and time at the same time haha. But I'll be sure to let you know the rest of what goes on this week later on! I'll try and show some pictures too, even though I look nasty and need a haircut REALLY bad! But anyway, until next time. Hasta luego!

Song for the day: Mi Tierra - Gloria Estefan

This is a song my mom performs every now and then. She actually performed it at one of the events we had down here.


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