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Unplugged = acoustic, stripped-down music from David Archuleta and his full band.

Unplugged = fans are unplugged as well: no cell phones, no cameras, no nothin’, buddy.  Ray was adamant (several times) that any fan caught with a cell phone, camera, or recording devices of any species would be immediately escorted to the door, no second chances. 

So why no video or audio devices?  Because David Archuleta was trying something new–something he had never, ever done before: an entire concert in acoustic form. 

He wanted this experience to be intimate, just between he and the fans in front of him.  That is why there will be no pictures, videos, or audio posted here on FOD, and hopefully none will surface anywhere else.  This is David’s wish.

We were all so close: Becky and I were 2 feet in front of him, right at the stage.  David made eye contact and sang to us and to so many other fans there last night.  He walked over the Chelsy and Ally and their beautiful grandma Lois (and her sister) and sang to them, holding their hands.  He paid SPECIAL attention to the little girls in front–a whole pack of 10 and unders who were miserably sick in love.

David has an incredible way of making everyone feel that he’s paying special attention to them: you will hear “He sang so much right to me” over and over again when you read accounts of this concert.  And every fan is correct when they say that, bless his heart.  He’s magic that way.

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昨天的歌單是:crush, touch my hand, altnoy, my hands, you can, to be with you, your eyes don't lie, don't let go, works for me!, waiting for yesterday, somebody out there, bubbly, angels, apologize, i'll be, stand by me。


- he sang i'll be to a 7-year-old girl. SO CUTE. he talked to her a bit! she was so cute with her sparkly hair.
- he said happy birthday to my new bud, jasmine. she is 11!
- he couldn't decide which songs to sing. i think he wanted to sing a new song, but was verrrry hesitant. paula said his lip was quivering. aww, bb. he ended up singing bubbly and apologize.
- the stage was suuuuuuuuper small.
- he flailed and giggled and said he liked acoustic sets because he could just be DAVID and didn't have to be all WOOOOOOOOOO and stuff.
- so, as we knooow, he sits in a chair during somebody out there. but he had a wee chair! and the back of the crowd couldn't see him! so ray brought him a higher chair so all could see. :)
- his voice. AMAZING. i thought the hard rock was going to topple over. KABOOM.
- he had the audience sing a whole chorus of my hands. and he wanted people to sing along because he didn't have his inner ear monitor in. and he could actually HEAR the audience sing and wanted us to sing.
- he smiled SUPER big when the audience sang along. and had us sing the NEVER LET GOOOO.
- he hugged himself during bubbly. i think it was during "comfortable enough to feel your warmth." my heart kind of exploded.
- david and kendra had a giggle moment. it was beautiful.
- he played the first few lines of bubbly on his nord! one hand on the keyboard and one hand holding the mic!
- he was all giggly when he moved from his nord to the high chair during bubbly.
- cannot get over his voice tonight. seriously, so amazing. i really and truly hope you all get to hear that someday. oh gosh, guys.
- he touched lots of wee one's hands. it was adorable.
- there were a lot of kids at the show! ray had people let the kids move up. a nice little group of kids gathered in the front. david liked theeeeem.
- i really, really wanted him to sing at my little sister. and he did! in works for me and to be with you. she is on cloud nine. :)
- and the music! it had a jazzy feel to it. i'd say that touch my hand was the most toned down song.
- it was so laid back and, just, chill. very comfortable atmosphere and mood.
- the audience was awesome. a nice mixture of folks. after he told peeps to sing along, it seemed like more people had fun and sang along with him. which is awesome for david, i'm sure. i'd bet it makes him feel more comfortable and well-received with folks singing and grooving along. i love to sing and dance at david's shows, i can't help myself. so i was really happy when others started, too. the audience pretty much rocked. :)
- THE BAND. WOOOOOOOOO. ohhhh, ohhhh. awesome, awesome. they sounded really, really, amazing.
- all of his "mhhhhhmmsss" and "ohhhhhhs" were KILLER.
- stand by me! just david's voice and dave on the bass. ahhhhh, soooooo goooood.
- do you know the setlist? hmmm. crush, touch my hand, altnoy, my hands, you can, to be with you, your eyes don't lie, don't let go, works for me!, waiting for yesterday, somebody out there, bubbly, angels, apologize, i'll be, stand by me. i think i got 'em all. :)
- he seemed really happy. lots of smiles and giggles galore.


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FOD- Broadcast your self LIVE

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目前Lousville看起來是這樣,昨天90分鐘內下了3到6英吋的雨,雖然Hard Rock Cafe今天說演唱會如期舉行,但是聽說已經有60條公路給封了,有進一步消息馬上跟大家報告。


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