Eli希望以後大衛唱Zero Gravity的時候,大家跟他一起上下跳躍,Roger,收到,沒問題!



Pearl Street

Northampton is such a hip town. I love all the little shops that line the streets. I wish it wasn't blizzarding and freezing so I could have explored it a little more! The crowd was amazing at the show. Thank you for your energy. I feel like the band was really in the 'pocket' tonight too. Thats a sort of musicians term that means we were all really grooving well with each other. It was amazing... I love it when that happens. Zero Gravity was awesome again, we loved it when you all started jumping up and down with David and the band... thats what we were hoping was gonna happen! It's a really fun song to jump to! I am going to keep this short again cause it really hurts to type :o(

You all rock so much, thank you for another memorable night.


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