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#Alex and the rest of the band loves and appreciates gifts from fans!  Some of the strangest gifts include the potatoes from the Snarky girls (ya, potatoes!  He needs to eat his veggies, after all).

#Alex explained the layout of the bus: it sounds LUSH.  Huge TVs, PS2 game systems, uber-comfy bunks that Alex described as “like on trains, you know, the beds that are like little slots with a curtain that you pull.”  The word he was searching for was “berth,” but hey, he’s 24 years old.  David is usually the last one to get to sleep, and NO, Alex has never heard David sleep-sing!

#David styles his own hair, as does all of the band.  They were supposed to have a tour stylist, but that didn’t happen.

#David is the most even-tempered person Alex has met: he NEVER gets upset.

#David has been songwriting while on tour.

#David often warms up by doing lip vibrations, and Alex’s baby Oliver heard him doing this one day and proceeded to do it with David, on pitch.  So David and baby Oliver sat there and did lip vibrations together.

#David loves babies/children and is very good with them.  Rachel backs this up!

#David listens to all of the CD mixes that fans give him.  He goes through ALL of his gifts!

#A funny story: a fan gave David almond slivers and David thought the bag said “almond silvers.”  He was utterly confused.

#Another funny story: the band went out to eat sushi and David was freaking out.  David is VERY funny and was cracking jokes and joking around with the waitress and making everyone laugh.  He’s very hyper at times.

# David is the best boss ever! He’s humble, honest, and so much fun to work for. Yes, he said to work for. I asked to him to clarify if he feels like David is his boss. “He’s more of a friend than anything,” responded Alex. “But when there’s a decision that needs to be made, David makes it: it’s up to him.” David takes a stand and makes the decisions that he needs to concerning his show. How cool is that? Of course, Ray the tour manager is the boss, too, but this is David’s gig.

# Alex and the band will join David in the UK, but not in Asia. Asia is more of an appearance gig (which we knew). Alex doesn’t know anything about appearing on AI.

# Summer tour? The question that everyone is dying to know! Alex clearly had some inside info but wasn’t spilling, and I wasn’t digging. (Be patient, fans! It’s all good…) Alex wants to stay with David as long as possible.

# Lupe is a great Band Mom! She has fantastic voice and sings lullabies to Oliver in Spanish. She’s a great dancer.

# The band members come to FOD and other fansites to get information. We knew about the extra tour dates before they did! LOL!

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  • 哇古
  • 真想看他瞪人!!gen姐也在場喔??


    好想看大衛弄頭髮的樣子 ,一定爆可愛
  • 大衛是摩蠍座的,台灣最有名的摩蠍座是誰你知道嗎?李豋輝!!!他是表面溫和內心非常有主見的人,不然也不可能這麼年輕就這麼成功,能夠渡過AI那個魔鬼營的人不是光傻笑就做得到的。

    GengenW 於 2009/03/24 23:12 回覆

  • ruru0525
  • DAVID是疼粉絲的!!!
  • 沒錯。

    GengenW 於 2009/03/24 23:18 回覆

  • Hugh
  • You're fired!!!
  • hahahaha!

    GengenW 於 2009/03/24 23:20 回覆