Gen姐總算拿到CD,親眼看到大衛寫的謝詞了,開頭和結尾的兩段是謝詞的精華,紀錄下來給大家好好的讀讀( 我真的邊讀邊哭,這張專輯就是他的心,他把他的心給我們了)。




In general:

I first would like to thank God, who comes first in all of this.  It's because of Him that I've gotten the chance to do something I love so much.  I dedicate this Christmas album especially to Him, and our Savior, Jeus Christ. May it be another way I can give back to them, and to all those who listen to the songs as well so that they can feel the spirit and message within them.  This album represents my love for this special time of year - one that we spend with family and loved ones, and what it means to each one of us.  I hope you can all feel that in the music.  Through this album, I share with you something that is very special to me, and I hope it helps you understand more where I come from with music and as a person.  I also hope the music in this album will go beyond anyone's personal religous beliefs as I don't want anyone to feel I am only addressing this to people who beleive in a certain way.  I want the experiences that you may feel through the music to communicate to you in your own personal language, and in light of your spiritual or religious beliefs.  Music has a universal message that can speak to people of different ages, beliefs, and languages and can reach beyond the supposed obvious meaning of the lyrics and can allow everyone to feel something special.  It is my hope that through this music you can feel something meaningful to you.




To fans:

I'd lastly, but certianly not leastly, would like to thank all of you fans!  Thank you for all the support you have been giving to me, and for allowing me to have the special privilege of making a Christmas album!  You guys work hard to be understanding of what I do, and I appreciate the respect you give.  It makes me respect you guys so much more, and I'm really blessed to have fans like that.  This album is a gift to you guys, and I hope that you can feel what I worked so hard to put into it.  Thanks again for everything you've given to me!  My wish is that these songs will be as meaningful to you as they are to me.  Merry Christmas, and Happy holidays!


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