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#1 大衛上icarly時相當緊張,因為他從沒演過戲。

#2 同時演他自己也讓他緊張,因為他不知道戲裡會把他描述成甚麼樣的人

#3 但是他對自己演戲的結果相當滿意,他覺得自己演的還不錯。

#4 大衛的演出將在2月7日星期六晚上8點播出,節目中會播放Crush的MV,大衛還會主持Crush Night,節目持續兩小時。

#5 2月15日會重播大衛的一集,但是會播放ALTNOY的MV,大衛主持的部份也會有點不同。

#6 大衛在icarly中扮演自己,是個參加“America Sings"的參賽者。

#7 大衛和節目中所有的少年演員都相處甚歡。

#8 知道大衛要上節目之後,所有icarly的演員都非常期待和大衛見面。

#9 有天Kress(其中一位演員)在化裝室自嘲說自己是怪胎(geek),結果後面傳來一個聲音”我才是怪胎之王“(king of the geeks),他回頭一看,說話的人就是大衛。

#10 Kress也說大衛是個天生的演員。

#11 大衛只花了半個鐘頭準備就下場演戲了。

#12 Kress說大衛非常謙虛,腳踏實地,一點都沒有好萊塢大明星的架子。

#13 大衛很喜歡演戲,還考慮將來去上戲劇課。

#14 大衛說拍戲的經驗讓他看到演戲是甚麼樣子的,他很高興看到那些演員有時候也會忘詞。



David Archuleta sang in for more than 31 million people for the finale of "American Idol" last year, and sure, he had nerves to conquer.

But ultimately, singing on stage, no matter how vast the audience was easy. It's what he does.

Take him out of his comfort zone, though, give him lines to learn and deliver on a Hollywood sound stage. Now that's a whole different matter, the 17-year-old heartthrob admits, laughing shyly as he recalls his acting debut on Nickelodeon's "iCarly."

"I was a little nervous about it, because I was like, 'I don't know if I can act,'" Archuleta says on phone call while driving home from a voice lesson in Salt Lake City last month.

"But it wasn't too big of a part, just a little guest appearance by me. I was a little worried, since I was playing myself – how they'd portray me.

"But I was pretty good with it – not good at it, but cool with it," he says, sounding every bit the aw-shucks, normal kid he did throughout the 2008 "Idol" season in which he finished second to David Cook.

Archuleta's episode airs at 8 p.m. Saturday. His music video for the single "Crush" will also appear on Saturday, and Archuleta and Carly star Miranda Cosgrove will pop back on screen for brief spots until 10 p.m.

A week later on Feb. 15, the same episode will repeat, but Archuleta will debut a new video for the song "A Little Too Not Over You," and his spots with Cosgrove will be updated.

On the show, Archuleta plays a character named David Archuleta – not much of a stretch, but you play what you know – who ends up competing on an "Idol"-like show called "America Sings."

"It was a lot of fun," Archuleta says. "All the kids on there are fun to be around, really funny kids. They made me feel really welcome."

In addition to Cosgrove, the show stars Jennette McCurdy of Garden Grove as Sam, Jerry Trainor as Spencer and Nathan Kress as Freddie – all except Trainor, teens like Archuleta, and fans of his as well.

"When we first heard he was going to be on we were shocked," says Kress, 16. "The entire week it was, 'Is David going to be here? Is he shooting today?'

"I was in the hair and makeup room, getting touched up after lunch, and I had no idea he was there," Kress says of the day Archuleta finally arrived at the set. "I was talking to Jerry, and I called myself a huge geek or something. And I hear this voice going something like, 'Man, I'm the king of the geeks.'

"And I turned around to see and some people cleared out of the way and there he was," Kress says.

Kress says Archuleta proved himself a natural at the short scenes he stars in for the episode.

"He took it all totally in stride, especially since he had no idea what his lines were until he showed up that day, and we shot it half an hour later," he says. "So in half an hour he pulled it off impressively.

"I think what struck me the most was this is just the most humble, down-to-earth guy," Kress says. "He's just a teenager and he was just one of the guys. He was in no way a diva, like a Hollywood pretentious kind of thing."

Archuleta says he enjoyed the experience, and says he'd like to try more acting in the future, maybe taking acting lessons to learn more about the craft.

"It was a really nice exercise to see, OK, this is what acting's like, and this is the feeling of it," says Archuleta, whose upcoming tour brings him to the Glass House in Pomona on March 17. "It was fun seeing how they shoot a show, and how they go through their lines.

"I was like, 'Oh my gosh, how do they do that?' And it was nice to see that they had trouble memorizing their lines, too."

For now, his music career is just taking off. His upcoming tour brings him to the Glass House in Pomona on March 17. But the prospect of more acting is a definite appeal, Archuleta says.

"I think it would definitely be really cool to get more involved in acting," he says. "I'll see what opportunities there might be in the future."







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